In September I ordered a set of 3 Genie Bras Size LARGE they sent me white & nude in Large the BLACK was a SMALL. I have sent 16 emails complaining about the wrong size & in total they have replaced the small bra with another small bra.

BUT the inside stamp is LARGE but a blind man could tell that it was a SMALL.

Only last week (April 14) Upper Management sent me another bloody set of small bras & the inside stamp said LARGE but the bra was clearly a SMALL. They then told me that their policy was that they couldn't replace any more than 2 times. What a load of rubbish!!! They have replaced the small bra 4 times!

Work that one out.

I am going to make a noise to the media because I have had a gut full & I will expose this company for their fraudulent handling of customers who are getting ripped off. Anyone want to join me? We can expose this mob of crooks. They take your money & send you *** products.

Email me me personally & let me know your grievance.......I need more complaints so I can present them to the TV stations. pamelaswire@southernphone.com.au

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I've been emailing you for weeks now and the emails are just returned undeliverable. I've tried the phone customer service and haven't been able to talk to a person.

On hold for over 20 minutes each time. This is disgraceful! You sent me xsmall when I ordered 4x. Your system changed the order, not me.

I tried to let you know when you sent the invoice but couldn't reach anyone then either.




Hello my name is Kelly from the genie bra; please email me at customerservice@geniebra.com so I can assist you.

Thank you


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