Stupidly I ordered this bra without checking reviews

first.What a mistake! I had to sit through at least a half hour of marketing ploys such as "winning" a trip to Florida, $24.99 a month fees to belong to a Marketing club, blah blah blah .

When they came I couldn't even zipper it over my ***. I tried and tried & finally gave up and have sent them back to the company. However, I'm only going to get $10 back because $13 is shipping fees for 2 bras! Don't order this ***!

Go to the store & buy a real bra like Bali or Playtex. Genie SUCKS.

Review about: Genie Bras Bra.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Thank you I was just aboutabout to order, and I hate the sales pitch, so I asked the lady to please skip the pitch and take my order and she still insisted on giving it to me, but since I don't gave time for that I opted not to order. Thank to the comments I would have gone postal if the dadamn zippers would have been just keep.

Thanks ladies you have saved.


Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #911694

I don't know of any Genie Bra with a zipper, what? Genie does very much not suck!

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