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Genie Bras
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I ordered over the inter net via my Visa card. it did not fit, so I wanted to return it. Instead they sent me another in a bigger size. I DID NOT WANT IT. So I returned BOTH bras on July 19 2014 and as of today (8-31-2014) I have not received my credit. Many, many phone calls, but no refund. What can I Do?? Add comment

The padding began shifting after a few washes. Now has square looking pads showing through! Not attractive. Add comment

  • Aug 27
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These bra's don't even belong in the dollar store. The cheapest zipper I have ever seen. Buyers beware your bust will be busting out. I called to get return authorization number.. I was told I would only get back a couple dollars of the money I spent due to the initial shipping and handling...and I have to pay to return the junk at my cost also... Terrible product, terrible customer service... Read more

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  • Aug 22
  • Footwear and Clothing
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Zip Bra
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I have alot of herinated disks in my back & this is the very FIRST bra I can wear without killing my back. That being said, The zipper broke while I was in the grocery store & I had a white T-shirt on so it was somewhat visible. I was mortified. TO GENIE REPRESENITIVE: When you guy's FINALLY hit on a great bra, why make it so cheaply? You could make a fortune if these were #1..made of... Read more

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  • Aug 17
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I ordered a set of geni bras from a TV infomercial a couple of years ago. LOVED them. Thought it was time to order a new set, which I did. The new ones were VERY different then the first set. The material was DEFINITELY different, did not have the same support, pilled after a couple of washings. I realize it said not to wash the bra with the inserts, but I did with the first batch and they... Read more

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  • Aug 15
  • Footwear and Clothing
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I purchased two genie bras at Walmart and wasted my money. The size chart says recommended size but is totally inaccurate. If you wear the bra for more than two hours it leaves red marks and you feel like you've been wrapped up with an ace bandage. The privacy pads are a joke. They fold in half and move around while you wear them. Constantly need to be adjusted. When I called customer service for... Read more

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  • Aug 14
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I ordered 9 bras because actually-they work fine for me. I had a breast lift done 8 years ago (currently a size 34D) so support is not an issue. From my friends who have sagging *** or very heavy ***---these bras will not work. They are flimsy but offer slight support for women who DO NOT NEED full support. My daughter has very saggy *** and she wears the genie on top of her regular bra to give... Read more

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Bought genie bras in uk. Very bad fit white ones fit fine. Rest r too small despite being same size Don't wash well and always smell stale like they have never been washed even after a hit wash will not b buying again Add comment

I bought a lace Genie bra.I usually wear a size large bra size. I bought a size 2. It still is to small. I have had trouble returning it to the shopping channel. Add comment

  • Aug 03
  • Footwear and Clothing
  • Dangerous Product
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These genie bras gave me a horrible rash that left scars. The dermatologist was at a loss to explain the rash. It took me quite some time to make the connection between the rash and the bras. I usually only wear the bras in the winter. I began wearing them again after some weight loss. The rash returned with a vengeance. I suspect they do not disclosure all their materials used. I am wondering... Read more

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