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  • 2 days ago
  • Footwear and Clothing
  • Antioch, California
  • Zip Bra
  • 34

Always ordered the Genie Sports Bra and decided to try the Genie Zip Bra. Boy what a big mistake. Ordered two in a size large, large it wasn't. Had my daughter pull the bra together while I tried to zip it. Zipper would not connect. I gave up. Since I do not like returning items, unless really necessary, I decided to give the bras to my 13 year grand daughter. Poor thing looked like I was putting... Read more

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  • Mar 22
  • Footwear and Clothing
  • Scarborough, Tobago
  • Zip Bra
  • 83

Bought two black bras about seven months ago. Both fit great. They give me a lift that the ordinary bras can't give me. They have no under wire poking me. They are the first bras that fit cover my *** completely. I love them, however the zips have stopped working. They pop open unexpectedly or the zip runs down. This leave me in an embarrassing position all the time. I would buy these bras again,... Read more

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  • Mar 19
  • Footwear and Clothing
  • Houston, Texas
  • Zip Bra
  • 69

Ordered in November - finally received in February...long wait for the disappointment. I needed 3 hands to put it on - and didn't like the idea of having to get my husband to help me get dressed all the time. I thought my Mom or my sister might have it easier since they are MUCH smaller than I am, but even trying on a Zip Bra that was supposedly 2 sizes too big for them was too much of a chore... Read more

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Can't order anything. Ever. Multiple tries. Might as well buy a genie bra carpal tunnel compression device. And circular customer service NEVER responds. Start sewing gals. Add comment

I LOVE the Genie bra! I bought mine at Walmart, I have a total of 6 bras. I will never use the traditional bras ever again, I literally sleep in them every night. The only time I'm not wearing one is when I shower, so I basically live in them. I LOVE GENIE BRAS!!! Add comment

My two biggest complaints with this bra are the removable pads and the non support.. .The pads never stay put, often making my breast look lumpy.. Even with hand washing and hanging to dry these bras lose their support very fast. .Simply put the product isn't what it claims to be. Add comment

  • Mar 14
  • Footwear and Clothing
  • Exchange Policy
  • 1
  • 1
  • 45

Had to send back for a larger size, they claimed that they did not receive it. Baloney, I sent it back over 2 weeks prior to return time..their reply "well it has to go through the warehouse, blah, blog, blah... Zip it up, no way, even the larger one was too tight. Only way to get it on is to zip it up and pull over my head. I'm not going to bother sending back, to much of a hassle. After... Read more

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Bought my size in the convertable/custom bra... omg never had something make my *** flatten and back hurt that much! Having fibro I shouldnt have even tried it but kept hearing how "great" the bras were. I'll go back to my struggle of finding a "normal" converable bra in my rural area instead of this horrible product! Add comment

Ordered bras from tv months ago, no bras and no money back Add comment

WORST BRA I EVER BOUGHT!! Lost support after about 6 wears. DOES NOT SUPPORT WOMEN WITH LARGE BREASTSM Add comment

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